On behalf of the PTA Committee, welcome to St Mark’s! We aim to create a parent community around the school to support and enrich our children’s learning. With your involvement and support, the time your children spend at St Mark’s will be a happy and enriching one. It’s a wonderful nurturing school.

The St Mark’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a registered charity and its object is to enhance the education of the pupils in the school in a number of ways:

  1. building closer relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school;
  2. engaging in activities which support the school and advance the education of the pupils attending it; and
  3. providing and helping to provide facilities or items for education at the school (not provided from statutory funds) that the Committee and Governing Body ask for.

Each year we raise several thousand pounds which are then spent on a variety of projects. Last year we raised £14000 and this year so far we have raised around £6000. This money has been used on a variety of projects.

The following are some of the things we have funded this year. 

  • Donation towards 30 iPads for the school to meet increasing technology demands
  • Transport for the choir to attend young voices at the O2
  • KS2 playground exercise equipment
  • Safety in Action initiative for all Year 6  pupils.
  • 100s of books provided to the school from the book drive and funding to buy new ones

Our larger events are the Christmas and Summer Fairs.  These are great events for all the family to enjoy and they help raise the bulk of the funds for the PTA. We welcome support on every level from parents.  Everything to simply attending and support events to getting more involved in running some events.  Its all amazing stuff and it couldn’t happen without all of you.

Your Sincerely

Laura Burden

Current PTA Chair


PTA Info pack

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