School Meals

We have a no nuts policy – please respect this

Our meals provider is Nourish.  The price of a school meal is £2.30.

Please note that all meals must be paid for in advance.

Due to corona virus restrictions we are only able to offer a hot meal service to children in EYFS, year 1 and year 2. These children will have staggered lunchtimes in the main hall.

Autumn Lunch menu – EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 only

Due to corona virus restrictions all children in years 3 through to 6 will be eating in their classrooms, for this reason we have asked Nourish to produce a Deli menu, for these year groups only.

Deli/Packed lunch menu – Year 3,4,5 & 6

All children in EYFS, Year 1 and 2 are entitled to free school meals under the Government Universal School Meals Initiative. Dinner registers are taken at the beginning of the school day when the children are told what the menu is and they are able to select either main, vegetarian or a jacket potato.

Mid-morning snacks

During their morning playtime all children are allowed to consume a healthy snack consisting of fruit, vegetables or dried fruit and a drink. Under the Government’s healthy school policy we offer the Infants a different piece of fruit or vegetable every day.

In addition, under 5’s are entitled to free milk, should they wish to take up this option. This scheme is operated through Coolmilk should you wish your child to benefit from this scheme please register on line. Over 5s have the option of purchasing milk from this provider which may also be booked on line.


To facilitate the smooth running of the lunch hour we group the children to eat with their Infant or Junior peers respectively. Infants generally use the lunch hall from 11.45 until 12.25, followed by playtime. Juniors generally enjoy outside play first and finish off with their lunch between 12.25 and 12.55.

Regardless of their age, children at St. Mark’s have the opportunity to choose between bringing their own packed lunch and purchasing a healthy cooked meal from the school’s caterers.

Covid restrictions mean that for term 1 lunch time is being extended to 1 1/2 from 11.30 to 1 pm. This will allow thorough cleaning of tables and benches between sittings


In the case of packed lunchboxes we would encourage parents to pack a healthy, balanced lunch for their children including protein, carbohydrates and fruit. Children must be able to open everything in their lunch box by themselves. (Covid restrictions mean that we will not be able to help) It should be packed in a clearly labelled, non-breakable container or bag. A non-fizzy drink in an unbreakable container should accompany the lunch.

Please refrain from providing your child with nut products as there is a high risk of serious allergic reactions if other susceptible children accidentally come into contact with contaminated products in the dining hall.

Whilst we strongly encourage a healthy, balanced lunchbox, we do understand that parents sometimes wish to include special items in the lunchbox (e.g. chocolate biscuit or small bag of crisps) which their children like. We think these are acceptable as part of a healthy, mixed diet but do encourage you to keep them to an absolute minimum.