The Eco-Warriors are extremely excited because St Mark's is currently in 14th
position on 'The Pod' medal table. This is quite an achievement, as there are
17,115 schools registered across the UK with the Pod, meaning that we are 14th
out of 17,115 schools! The Pod is a website linked closely to Eco-Schools
England, and is powered by EDF energy. The Pod was launched in September 2008
to help EDF Energy meet its sustainability commitment of engaging with 2.5
million children by 2012 in learning about the sustainable use of energy – a
target met two years ahead of schedule at the end of 2010. If anyone would like
to come in and see our medals, they are on display on the Eco-Warrior board
that can be found in the Juniors' section of the school. Likewise, if anyone
would like to be involved in our projects, please speak to Mrs White in Year 6.





We have won the silver Eco-School Award! We did this by forming our Eco-
Warriors, conducting our review and writing our action plan, and coming up with
an Eco-Code. Please check out our certificate (below). Next step…Green Flag!

We Have Won Another Award!

We are now a Bronze Green Tree Award School! This is an award given by the
Woodland Trust for our commitment to learning about the wonderful natural
environment that surrounds us, as well as our commitment to looking after it!
We now are working toward the Silver Award, so please keep an eye on the
newsletter as we may need some help from parents in order to achieve it. Check
out our award below!

Silver Medal from 'The Pod'!

The Eco-Warriors have been blogging about our recent projects on a wonderful
website called 'The Pod'. Our Bug Hotel project from last year earned us a
Silver Medal! The awarding of medals is decided by the number and variety of
blogs that we post, and also the impact of the projects. We are now aiming for

Switch-Off Those Lights!

We have joined a new campaign on 'The Pod' which is all about saving energy,
saving money, and saving the planet! We are monitoring the school's use of
electricity, and also monitoring the classrooms to make sure that the lights
are switched off when they are not in use. We are blogging about this project
also, and hope to win a Gold Medal for this one! Check out some of our photos


Recycling at St Mark's

We have organised for the delivery of an ink-cartridge recycling box, and also
a battery recycling box. When these are delivered (during October) we will be
campaigning for all the families at our school to join in our recylcing
campaign and to recycle these things at our school. Please keep an eye out for
both boxes; they will live in the school foyer.