At St Mark's Church of England Primary School, we recognize
that it is important for us to be a sustainable school. We are aware of our
environment, and respectful of the resources and facilities that we use.
Because of this, we have been working very hard to achieve Eco-Schools


Please check this site regularly, as we will be posting news from our Action
Team so that everyone in our school community can become involved in our
projects and plans. If you would like to help us, to find out more about what
we are doing, or even to attend one of our Action Team meetings, please contact
Mrs White (in Year 4 and Year 6).

Eco-Schools is an international award program that offers us the guidance we
need to continue on our sustainable journey. The Eco-Schools’ principles
provide us with a framework to help us to embed environmentally aware and
sustainable principles into the heart of our school’s life. You can read more
about Eco-Schools here:

Would you like to read our Review? You can do so here!

Would you like to read our Action Plan? You can do so here!

Recently, we have completed two different projects. We have run a sun safety
week, in which we challenged everyone to wear their hats when they were in the
sun. It was a very close contest, but YEAR 2 were the winners! Well done, Year
2! Enjoy your extra play and your ice lollies! We have also built a bug hotel.
The bug hotel is designed to help us to observe the many different bugs and
insects in our school. You can see the results of our hard work below!