School Uniform

Boy’s Uniform – EYFS to Yr 5

Winter: Grey trousers, yellow aertex shirt, school sweatshirt/cardigan*, grey or black socks, black shoes.

Summer: Grey shorts, yellow aertex shirt, school sweatshirt/cardigan*, grey or black socks, black shoes.

Girl’s Uniform – EYFS to Yr 5

Winter: Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore, yellow aertex shirt, school sweatshirt/cardigan*, grey or black socks, grey or navy tights, black shoes or plain black boots.

Summer: Yellow and white checked summer dress, school sweatshirt/cardigan*, white socks, black shoes.

Coats: Waterproof in a dark colour (the school sells logo’d reversible fleece jackets)

PE Kit: Black shorts, House colour T-shirt with school emblem*, trainers and KS1 must also have plimsols

Bags: EYFS and KS1 – school book bag* and school PE bag*, KS2 small rucksack

Year 6 school uniform

For the winter the aertex shirt is replaced with a white shirt and a school tie. All other items are as for the other year groups.

* asterixed items must be purchased from the school office.

Summer Uniform may be worn after the Easter holidays and the first term back in the new school year, weather permitting.

Please click here to download a School Uniform Order Form

Second hand uniform is available to purchase from the Office, funds raised go to the PTA.

Labelling of uniform items

Please ensure that all items of your child’s school uniform are clearly labelled. Inevitably in the course of a school term items get lost or mixed up and we can avoid hours of fruitless searching by having clearly named clothes.

The school has signed up with My Nametags and the School ID is 32672 should you wish to order personalised nametags. The school receives a small commission for any name tags purchased, so please do consider using this site.

Jewellery, Make-up and Valuables

It is our school policy to discourage children from wearing jewellery during school hours. The exception is small stud earrings for children with pierced ears. However, for health and safety reasons, even those need to be taped up or removed during PE lessons. If your child is wearing stud earrings please provide him/her with his/her own, clearly labelled role of tape available from pharmacies or Boots. Earrings must be removed for swimming.

Children are not allowed to wear any form of make-up including facial make-up, nail varnishes and perfumes. We seek parental co-operation in maintaining natural colours for hair and hairstyles. Styles containing beads or braids are acceptable where it is appropriate to hair types or cultural reasons. No extraordinary non-conventional styles. Patterns including Mohicans, shaved patterns, tram lines, fringes that fall over the eyes, slogans or motifs are unacceptable. Shoulder length hair must be tied back in plain, simple hair bands (black, brown or yellow) only. If in doubt please ask a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Children should not bring any valuables, particularly electronic games and phones, into school as there is a high risk of loss or damage. It is up to the discretion of the teachers to confiscate those items until the end of the school day.

Children must not bring mobile phones onto the school site unless they have permission to walk home from school, and therefore, need to be able to contact their family. These phones must be handed into their class teachers at the beginning of the day. They will be handed back to the children at the end of the school day.