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Introducing our new Family Liaison Officer

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I’d like to introduce myself as the Family Liaison Officer for St Mark’s Church of England School. I am a parent to 6 children, of which 4 have previously attended St Mark’s.

My role is to provide support and understanding to our families, as well as liaison between them and the school.

Communication is key, and I encourage both you and your children to talk to me about any subject that may be causing concern, and I will endeavour to provide support, advice and guidance where possible.

You are welcome to speak to me in person or over the phone, or even just email me.  I will be the friendly face, the ear to listen and the shoulder to cry on.  Along with the entire staff at St Mark's I would like you and your children to see the school as a safe and friendly environment, not only to learn and grow, but to share concerns and worries.

 I have worked at St Mark’s for over 16 years.  However, I always liaise with or refer to more experienced colleagues and partner agencies when needed, to ensure you are provided with the best and most appropriate advice and support.

I am able to assist with:

  • Signposting to local organisations, local charities and partner agencies
  • Support with family breakdowns
  • Support for families in meetings with the school
  • Help with attendance and punctuality
  • Bereavement support
  • Early Help referrals
  • School health referrals for emotional and wellbeing support 

Additionally, there are links and contact details to support services (listed on the FLO page of our Website) that may be of assistance.  There are also links to and information about other support services within our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies (see our website 'Policies') section.

Please don’t hesitate to come and speak to me, or contact me.  

My email address is  and I can be contacted via the school office on 01892 525402.  

I look forward to working for you all.

Kindest Regards