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Leading Lights

Our Leading Lights are a group of children from across year groups who play a very important role in developing the Christian character of the school. Their responsibilities include:

  • being ambassadors and actively promoting our Christian values
  • planning, leading and evaluating collective worship
  • acting as a voice on behalf of their fellow pupils with regard to the Christian character of our school.

The Leading Lights meet on a fortnightly basis with Mrs Smith to reflect and develop these areas. They take the lead in creating and carrying out prayer in both collective and class worship.

  • “I like being in Leading Lights to show how to behave in school.” Emran
  • “I like it how we get to help the school and we get to make things that we can put around the school” Lara
  • “I like being in Leading Lights because I like to be involved with the school” Megan
  • “I like being in Leading Lights because we can make up our own prayers” Emily